Course Content

  • Introduction to web
  • Web hosting, Domain Names, Networking fundamentals, IP Addressing, Routing, Topologies, Communications, etc.
  • Quick go through of HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Introduction to PHP
  • Web hosting, FTP, Email configuration and setup
  • Character arrays and strings
  • Basic PHP
  • PHP variables, conditions, loops, cases, arrays, for each loop, built in functions, string, date, include, cookie, session, $_REQUEST, $_POST, $_GET, $_SERVER.
  • Advanced PHP
  • File upload
  • Email sending
  • MySql Database connectivity
  • ODBC Database connectivity
  • Integrating Ajax with PHP
  • User Registration, login, logout, profile modules using HTML, CSS, PHP and MySql
  • Blog commenting system using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ajax and MySql
  • Shopping cart application with following features
    • Product management
    • Category management
    • Product search
    • Add to cart
  • MVC Architecture
  • PHP 5.0
    • Object Oriented approaches
    • Security
    • URL Rewriting
    • Server side redirections
  • Google Map integration
  • Understanding features of Joomla CMS/framework
  • Live project on PHP

Who should attend?

This course is intended for the students of CE and IT departments.It is also useful for the students of BCA, MCA, MSc etc.

Industry Use

PHP is a open source server side scripting language which is especially good for web development. It can be easily embedded into HTML. It is a language which is widely used in industries involving website development that uses a database. PHP is also used to develop applications which needs something beyond a simple display.


PHP is a server side technology using which we can develop below listed types of applications:

  • Static/Dynamic websites
  • Blogs
  • Community
  • Web applications
  • Web portal
  • Web Services
  • Forums

Duration of course

Entire course will require around 45 lectures.
Each lecture will be of 1 and half hour.

Books for reference

  • Beginning PHP, Apache, MySql Web Development – Wrox Publications

How to get registered?

In order to get registered with the course you need to personally visit our office, fill a registration form and pay the initial registration amount.