HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Course Content


  • Introduction
  • Editors
  • Basic Syntax
  • Tag Elements, tag Attributes
  • Table based layout/wireframing/template/theme
  • Div tag based layout/wireframing/template/theme
  • Paragraph and Span
  • Headings
  • Bullets and Numbering
  • Text Formatting tags such as <b>, <i>, <font>, <img>, etc.
  • Forms and User Inputs
  • Frameset, frame, iframe, marquee, blockquote


  • Introduction to CSS
  • Where to write CSS?
  • How to write CSS?
  • What to write – CSS?
  • Background properties
  • Text properties
  • Font properties
  • Link properties
  • List properties
  • Table properties
  • Margin, Padding properties
  • Border properties
  • Outline properties
  • CSS Grouping/Nesting
  • Display properties
  • Positioning properties
  • Float, clear
  • CSS based menu/Navigation Bar


  • Where to write JavaScript?
  • How to write JavaScript?
  • What to write – JavaScript?
  • Document Object Modeling
  • Javascript Build-in functions
    • Introduction
    • Statements
    • alert, confirm, prompt
    • Comments
    • Variables and Data Types
    • Objects and Functions
    • Operators
    • Comparisons and Conditions
    • Switch
    • Loops For, while, do while, foreach
    • Break, continue, global
    • Errors and Exceptions


  • Validation
  • Javascript Animation
  • Javascript Window, Navigation
  • Determining cookie support in client’s browser
  • Determining browser name and version
  • Managing Cookie
  • JQuery
    • JQuery Selectors
    • JQuery Attributes
    • JQuery Traversing
    • JQuery Effects
    • JQuery Events
    • JQuery Image Zoom
  • Tabs
  • Menus
  • Fancy Image Slider
  • Fixed Scrolling
  • Tooltip
  • Popup window
  • Pre loading of images
  • Integrating JS + CSS3
  • JavaScript and memory leaks
  • AJAX
  • JQuery UI
  • Highslide

Who should attend?

This course is intended for the students of CE and IT departments.It is also useful for the students of BCA, MCA, MSc etc.

Industry Use

HTML is a markup language used to create static web pages. Industries involved in developing e-Commerce websites extensively make use of HTML, CSS and javascript to create web pages, provide styling to those pages and also to perform some computation on client side respectively.


Using this technology we can develop below listed types of applications:

  • Static websites
  • Website Designs
  • Any e-Commerce website

Duration of course

Entire course will require around 40 lectures.
Each lecture will be of 1 and half hour.

Material for reference

  • We will provide you printed material on different topics covered in the course.

How to get registered?

In order to get registered with the course you need to personally visit our office, fill a registration form and pay the initial registration amount.