C Programming

Course Content

  • Introduction to C
  • Constants, Variables, Data types, Operators and Expressions
  • Managing Input Output operations
  • Decision making and branching, looping
  • Arrays in C
  • Character arrays and strings
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Structures and Unions
  • Pointers
  • File Management in C
  • Dynamic Memory Management and Linked Lists
  • Graphics

Who should attend?

This course is intended for the students of various engineering branches such as CE, IT, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Chemical and others.It is also useful for the students of BCA, MCA, MSc etc.

Industry Use

If you have chosen computer engineering as your field, then it becomes very difficult to imagine your life without C programming language. C is the basic programming language which must be studied by not only the students of computer engineering but also must be studied by students of any other branch as it has a very wide area of application.
Today there are many companies that work using C programming language. If you wish to see your future in such of the companies then it is very necessary to become a master of this programming language. We at Archer Solutions try to provide you with maximum of practical knowledge rather than just concentrating on theory. Learning becomes fun with us as we combine theory and practical for your better understanding.


Initially C was used to develop programs used to build an operating system. But now-a-days it has become so popular that it is being used to build variety of programs.
C is the basic language being used by companies working on embedded systems because it executes the code as fast as code written in assembly language.
C language is used in developing various applications such as compilers, assemblers, network drivers, language interpreters, operating systems etc.

Duration of course

Entire course will require around 30 lectures.
Each lecture will be of 1 and half hour.

Books for reference

  • Programmin in ANSI C by E. Balagurusamy

How to get registered?

In order to get registered with the course you need to personally visit our office, fill a registration form and pay the initial registration amount.