Advance Java

Course Content

  • Quick go through of core Java
  • Java Collections Framework
  • Swing Components in JAVA
    • Swing built-in components
    • New component development in swing
    • Database connectivity in swing
    • Demo application in swing
  • Client Server Model in a J2EE Interface
  • Java Server pages
    • Expression Language
  • JSTL
    • Understanding Core, XML, SQL, Formatting tag library
    • New tag Support
  • Cookie and Session management
  • Database Queries – MySQL/Oracle
  • Java Database Connectivity
  • Stored Procedures and Triggers in Database
  • Servlet
  • Servlet event handling
  • Filters in servlet
  • Java Bean and Bean Introspection
  • MVC architecture and its implementation in J2EE and advanced frameworks.
  • Remote Method Invocation
  • JNDI
  • Object Serialization
  • Internationalization techniques in java
  • Network Programming With Package, Client Programs And Server Programs, Content And Protocol Handlers
  • Spring and Document Object Model
  • Hibernate
    • Introduction to Hibernate
    • Hibernate Architecture
    • O/R Mapping in Hibernate
    • Relationships of objects
    • Application of Hibernate Framework and advantages
  • AJAX + J2EE Integration
  • Project

Who should attend?

This course is intended for the students of CE and IT departments.It is also useful for the students of BCA, MCA, MSc etc.

Industry Use

JSP, servlets and others are more preferred for providing security in application development. It is widely used in many industries developing web applications as well as desktop applications.


Using this language we can develop below listed types of applications:

  • Desktop Applications
  • Networking Applications
  • Static/Dynamic websites
  • Blogs
  • Community
  • Web applications
  • Web portal
  • Web Services
  • Forums

Duration of course

Entire course will require around 50 lectures.
Each lecture will be of 1 and half hour.

Books for reference

  • Java 6 Programming Black Book – Dreamtech Publications

How to get registered?

In order to get registered with the course you need to personally visit our office, fill a registration form and pay the initial registration amount.