Development Services

Drupal Customization

Archer Solutions has an expertise in Drupal customization, component development and modification. Drupal is the open source content management system which is written in programming language PHP. Drupal is compatible with various kind of programming languages like Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OSX etc. Variety of websites such as eCommerce, corporate websites, Blogs, Forums, Social networking portals, lifestyle and many more.

Advantages of Drupal CMS:

  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to use.
  • Features such as custom search engine friendly URLs (SEF), categories, search function.
  • Flexibility – You can easily turn your drupal installation into a forum, FAQs, blog, wiki and many other types of web sites.
  • Users & Community – The large community guarantees that Drupal will have a bright future.

Our Drupal Services includes:

  • Template Design as per the business idea of the clients.
  • Integration services in website.
  • Installation of various Drupal Modules.
  • Modification and customization.
  • Support and Maintenance work in Drupal.